Episode 102

A Tribal Quest: Hives, Grenades, and Skeletons


December 11th, 2020

1 hr 59 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

It's time for another top-tier Patron request episode! This time, long-time citizen of the nation Sean asked us to talk about tribal decks. We cover the history of tribes in Magic, common aspects of tribal decks, and do a Sleeve/Believe/Heave of some of the less popular tribes of Modern. Prior to that, we spend a long time breaking down the Historic decks and meta of the Zendikar Rising Championship that took place last weekend!

The Break Down: A Historic Championship
The Dive Down: Tribe Talk
The Dive Down, cont: Which Deck Will Stan Qualify With?

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4:27 - Housekeeping
9:42 - The Break Down: Championship Chat
12:20 - The Championship meta
21:40 - The Top 64 meta
29:05 - The Top 8
41:03 - Some takes
45:13 - Cool Decks, Inc.
50:25 - The Dive Down: Tribal Time
53:02 - A brief history of tribes in Magic
58:38 - What are the common features of these decks?
1:02:58 - The lords and lieutenants of tribal decks
1:10:55 - The best cards for tribal decks
1:13:40 - Testing lesser-known tribal decks: 5-Color Elementals
1:29:03 - Goblins Combo
1:35:50 - 8-Whack Goblins
1:40:44 - Slivers
1:53:22 - Tribal takeaways
1:57:03 - Closing out

Links from this week's episode:
Zendikar Rising Championship Coverage: https://magic.gg/events/zendikar-rising-championship
5-Color Elementals: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/3574926#paper
Goblin Combo: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/goblins#paper
8-Whack: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/3468163#paper
Slivers: https://mtgdecks.net/Modern/slivers-decklist-by-justburn420-1060211

Our opening music is Nowhere - You Never Knew, and our closing music is Space Blood - Goro? Is That Your Christian Name?

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