Episode 106

Modern: Stop. Hammertime.


January 8th, 2021

1 hr 47 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

This week we asked our patrons to tell us what deck to do our next dive on, and they chose one of the up-and-comers of Modern: Hammer Time. And what do you know, it performed incredibly well at the ManaTraders Modern Tournament and put 4 decks into the latest Challenge top 8. What timing! We first go deep on the ManaTraders tourny, then head into the Dive Down to provide a thorough overview of Hammer Time: how do the pieces work together, how you should think about playing it, and how people will try to hate you out.

The Break Down: Modern Manatraders Meta Madness
The Dive Down: The 0s and 1s
The Dive Down, cont: The 2s and +10/+10s

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2:39 - Housekeeping
6:39 - Break Down Begins
8:03 - Dave’s Tournament Report
12:36 - Manatraders Modern Metagame
40:27 - Dive Down Begins - Hammer Time
41:31 - What is Hammer Time?
48:44 - Steelshaper’s Gift & other cards that get hammers
51:50 - Sigarda’s Aid & other cards that cheat on equipment costs
58:42 - Ornithopter & other cards that wield hammers
1:03:41 - Mishra’s Bauble & other support cards
1:15:03 - Auriok Champion & other sideboard cards
1:19:23 - Playing the deck to various levels of success
1:27:14 - Keep or Mulls
1:32:43 - How to beat Hammer Time
1:37:48 - Why is Hammer so good right now?
1:42:14 - Who is this deck for & other parting thoughts

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