Episode 108

Kaldheim Spoilers: Hot Takes on Cool Cards, Vol. 2 ft. AspiringSpike


January 22nd, 2021

1 hr 53 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

We head back to Kaldheim for more spoiler takes, this time joined by regular guest host Evart Moughon, aka Aspiring Spike! What cards have what it takes to make an impact in Magic's non-rotating formats? We don't really know, but we have some thoughts... We also discuss the recent MPL and Rivals Historic weekend events, and break down the current meta.

The Break Down: It's the MPL, Y'all
The Dive Down: He's Finally Back
The Dive Down, cont: Cards Evart Likes

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3:00 - Housekeeping
5:18 - The Break Down begins: MPL and Rivals Historic weekend!
7:44 - A brief explanation of the MPL
9:55 - The overall metagame and our thoughts on the big 3
20:42 - Some thoughts on the Historic metagame
23:46 - Deck performance data
29:40 - The Dive Down begins: Kaldheim spoilers, Vol. 2
30:20 - Doomskar
39:18 - In Search of Greatness
47:20 - Mystic Reflection
54:38 - Magda, Brazen Outlaw
59:15 - Tibalt's Trickery, revisited
1:02:54 - Snow Duals, revisited
1:05:56 - Old-Growth Troll, revisited
1:07:27 - Valki/Tibalt, revisited
1:09:40 - Immersturm Predator
1:13:40 - Reidane, God of the Worthy
1:17:57 - Cosima, God of the Voyage
1:21:20 - Birgi, God of Storytelling
1:27:15 - Ascendant Spirit
1:29:08 - Vega, the Watcher
1:33:08 - Skemfar Avenger
1:34:19 - Jaspera Sentinal
1:36:25 - Toski, Bearer of Secrets
1:38:29 - Bind the Monster
1:43:46 - Parting thoughts, is this set good?
1:46:54 - Our Most Anticipated Cards

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