Episode 12

Surgical Precision


March 8th, 2019

1 hr 43 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

The Break Down: The Grand Prix Los Angeles metagame, fun and winning decks, and the power of Faithless Looting.
The Dive Down: How to avoid and overcome 3 problems related to Surgical Extraction.
The Wind Down: How Stan is prepping for this weekend's SCG Regionals.

Links from this weeks episode:
GP LA Top 32: https://www.channelfireball.com/grand-prix-los-angeles-top-32-deck-lists/
GP LA Top 8: https://www.channelfireball.com/grand-prix-los-angeles-top-8-decklists/
Craig Wescoe's Mono-White Devotion Deck Tech: https://twitter.com/ChannelFireball/status/1101960638123765760
The 3/2/19 Modern Challenge: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/mtgo-standings/modern-challenge-2019-03-03#decklists

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