Episode 120

Snows Melt, Phoenixes Rise


April 16th, 2021

1 hr 51 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

With our time on Kaldheim coming to an end, the Three Friends take a look back and a look forward. Stan takes us through Modern right now via a couple of MTGO Challenges + we consider what might be coming next. Then we do a little self assessment and grade how we did on reviewing Kaldheim cards going into this format. Finally, we look ahead and talk about the decisions people are grappling with with... you guessed it... building Izzet Phoenix in Historic.

The Break Down: Where's Modern At?
The Dive Down: Learning from Kaldheim Spoilers
The Dive Down, cont.: The First of Many Times We'll Talk About Phoenix

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3:30 - Housekeeping
4:42 - The Break Down - Modern Showcase Challenge and Super Qualifier
6:33 - Modern Esper Control Chat
13:36 - Weekend Metagame
16:45 - Decks to beat vs. Decks that beat
21:55 - Can anything from Strixhaven beat tier 1?
27:45 - Dive Down pt. 1 - Sunsetting Kaldheim
28:20 - Tibalt’s Trickery
31:16 - Valki, God of Lies
33:16 - Vorinclex
36:17 - Doomskar
40:00 - In Search of Greatness
41:55 - Reidane, God of the Worthy
44:44 - Ascendant Spirit
46:55 - Birgi
49:17 - Jaspera Sentinal
51:45 - Elvish Warmaster & Realmwalker
53:53 - Behold the Multiverse
57:21 - Faceless Haven
1:02:43 - Dive Down pt. 2 - Historic Phoenix Brew Down
1:37:34 - Patreon Questions Wind Down!

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