Episode 129

The First Decks of Modern Horizons 2


June 16th, 2021

1 hr 54 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

On this week's episode we attempt something ambitious - looking at every deck in the most recent Modern deck dump that features MH2 cards. And that's almost all of them! Join us as we talk about the latest decks, trends, and dare we say it, strategies in Modern.

Housekeeping: A Heartfelt Thanks
The Break Down: 99 Decks
The Break Down, pt2: The Bell Returns

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6:58 - Housekeeping
10:15 - Some high-level Deck Dump stats
11:52 - The most seen MH2 cards so far
20:08 - The most seen old cards
21:35 - Some more deck dump stats
23:42 - The deck dump begins: Mono-black Food, Living End, Lantern Control, Azorious Affinity, Obosh Red
32:17 - Orzhov Stoneblade Blink, Living End variants, Azorious Stoneblade, G Hardened Scales, Golgari Elves
42:51 - Boros Burn, Azorious Blink, Izzet Delver, Golgari Elves, Elementals, Azorious Control
51:33 - Urza Affinity Food, Azorius Affinity and Urza's Saga talk
1:02:04 - Grixis Delirium, Jund, Orzhov Stoneblade Blink
1:11:49 - Orzhov Reanimator, Domain Zoo, Boros Taxes
1:17:41 - The Bell Returns! Abzan Blink, Merfolk, Esper Stoneblade, W Taxes, Jeskai Delver, Azorius Urza Control, Selesnya Enchantress, G Tron, Glimpse of Tomorrow, Orzhov Stoneblade
1:27:08 - Temur Cascade, Gruul Scales, Boros Prowess, Orzhov Stoneblade Control, Yawgmoth, Golgari Food, the Rock, Arclight Phoenix, Orzhov Shadowblade, Gruul Ponza, Blue Moon
1:37:00 - Amulet Titan, Rakdos Shadow, Rakdos Skelemental, Mardu Reanimator Electrodominance stuff, Hammertime, Sultai Urza Artifact stuff, Grixis Shadow, Golgari Food, Humans
1:45:07 - Izzet Delver, Foodvine, Crabvine, Jund Shadow, 4C Cascade Nahiri Control, Red Prowess, Azorius Affinityblade, Orzhov Reanimator, Titania Titan
1:50:35 - Fast takeaways and closing out

Links from this week's episode:
June 11th Modern League Deck Dump: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/mtgo-standings/modern-league-2021-06-11

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