Episode 133

Izzet You Glad We Played Murktide?


July 14th, 2021

1 hr 46 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

First up this week, we take a quick spin through last week's Modern Leagues and pick out a few extremely cool decks to chat about. After that it's an Izzet world and we just delve right into it. That's right, it's UR week on The Dive Down (again) as we take a deep look at one of the latest best decks of Modern Horizons 2 Modern — Izzet Murktide. We discuss why we think the deck is suited to the meta right now, how to play it, and how to beat it (we think). Tune in to find out if this is a control deck, a midrange deck, or a tempo deck — we have a definitive answer! (Warning: We do not have a definitive answer.)

Shane loves Counterspell. Dave loves Garden State. Stan loves 8-2s.

The Break Down: Some Cool Decks We Saw
The Dive Down, pt 1: An 8/8 for Two
The Dive Down, pt 2: Izzet Just Death's Shadow?

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4:00 – Housekeeping
8:36 – The Break Down begins – Cool Decks, Inc!
10:15 – 4C Carth the Lion Superfriends
17:30 – Sultai Tokens
22:00 – Izzet Phoenix
25:49 – Hammertime ft. Ingenious Smith
32:38 – The Dive Down begins – Izzet Murktide!
39:00 – The Spells
42:50 – A Mishra’s Bauble digression
47:07 – The Sideboard
49:40 – The fundamental strategies of Murktide
1:00:15 – Is this a Control deck?
1:07:41 – A Murktide Regent digression
1:12:00 – Is this a Graveyard deck?
1:20:33 – A Counterspell digression
1:23:20 – Tactics & Sequencing
1:33:50 – Our experiences playing
1:44:41 – Closing out

Links from this week's episode:
4C Carth Superfriends, as trophied by Greenhide1
BUG Tokens, as trophied by Litledude123
MODERN Izzet Phoenix, as trophied by AspiringSpike
Hammertime with Ingenious Smith by Hamuda
2nd Place Izzet Murktide deck from Saturday’s Modern Challenge from DO0MSWITCH

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