Episode 142

Consider This: Sleeve/Believe/Heave: Midnight Hunt ed.


September 23rd, 2021

1 hr 35 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

The latest set has hit the digital shelves of Magic Online and Arena, and we are here to dig into a few new decks and run them through the Sleeve/Believe/Heave wringer! We first look at Esper Reanimator and Jeskai Phoenix in Modern, then head over to Magic Arena and dive into Izzet Delver in Historic. Do the cards of Midnight Hunt have what it takes to make an impact? Let's find out!

The Break Down: Star Studded Challenges!
The Dive Down: Sleeve/Believe/Heave: Mend These Decks!

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2:40 - Housekeeping
5:15 - The Break Down: Modern Challenges
24:47 - Sunday's Challenge
30:01 - Cool Decks, Inc
36:51 - The Dive Down begins: S/B/H, Midnight Hunt ed.
39:42 - Esper Reanimator
1:00:58 - Jeskai Phoenix
1:20:28 - Izzet Delver
1:34:07 - Closing Out

Links from this week's episode:
Saturday's Challenge: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/tournament/modern-challenge-12340205#paper
Sunday's Challenge: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/tournament/modern-challenge-12340211#paper
Jund Sac: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4311126#paper
Dredge: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4311118
Esper Reanimator: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4311099#paper
Jeskai Phoenix: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4311100#paper

Our opening music is Nowhere - You Never Knew, and our closing music is Space Blood - Goro? Is That Your Christian Name?

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