Episode 151

TDD Live in Vegas, ft. Reid, Evart, Joe, Gal, Tannon, Sam, Eli, Michael, Joel, Levi, & Steven


November 24th, 2021

2 hrs 1 min 53 secs

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About this Episode

We come to you LIVE (well, sorta) from the recent MTG Las Vegas event, where we tapped some cards, hung out with friends, and talked to some big name players! We talked to some current and future household names about Modern, the decks they brought, and their tournament experiences. Thanks to our old and new friends Joe Lossett, Tannon Grace, Yamakiller, Aspiringspike, Sam Pardee, Reid Duke, Eli Loveman, Michael Rapp, and top 8 finishers Joel Lapray, Levi Sprung, and Steve Pearlman for the fun and insightful conversations!

The Dive Down: Shane & Stan went to Vegas!
The Dive Down, cont: For some reason Dave is here too!
The Dive Down, cont again: More interviews than you can shake your deck at!

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3:20 - Housekeeping
6:17 - MtG Las Vegas discussion begins
8:18 - Shane & Stan live from Vegas
21:47 - Discussing the overall event
28:26 - Joe Lossett talks 4-Color Control
36:15 - Tannon Grace chats... magic!
41:40 - Yamakiller talks Grixis Shadow
49:28 - Aspiringspike talks Rakdos Lurrus
58:52 - Sam Pardee on 4C Elementals
1:06:16 - Reid Duke talks Yawgmoth
1:11:53 - Stan talks about his tournament
1:14:28 - Eli Loveman on Hammertime
1:20:27 - Michael Rapp on Grixis Shadow
1:26:29 - Top seed Joel Lapray on Hardened Scales
1:32:06 - Talking the top 8 decks
1:39:49 - Top 8 finisher Levi Sprung
1:48:05 - Top 2 finisher Steve Pearlman
1:56:45 - Our takes on Modern after Vegas
1:59:55 - Thanks and closing out

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