Episode 154

Our Year End Extravaganza, ft. Aspiringspike


December 22nd, 2021

1 hr 50 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

The end of 2021 is upon us, which means it's time for our annual year in review episode! And this time, we've brought a friend, our reliable unofficial fourth co-host, Aspiringspike. We first talk about the biggest releases, bannings, and changes in 2021 for Modern and Historic, then head into the awards show to hand out this year's Diveys. We talk about our favorite cards, decks, and events of the year, then discuss our goals for 2022. Thanks to all of you for another great year of The Dive Down!

The Break Down: A Whole Year (in Order!)
The Dive Down: Taking and Taking and Taking

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5:43 - Housekeeping
6:57 - The Break Down - 2021 begins!
13:38 - Kaldheim, Oops, all Valkis, and some bans
22:52 - Historic Anthology 4 and Time Spiral Remastered
24:30 - April update, Strixhaven, and the Mystical Archives
33:51 - Modern before and after Modern Horizons 2
43:48 - July and Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
49:20 - Jumpstart: Historic Horizons
52:24 - Modern in October and Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
1:00:21 - December begins and the year ends
1:04:55 - The Dive Down begings - The 2021 Awards Show!
1:05:32 - The Best Card of the Year
1:10:53 - The Non-2021 Card of the Year
1:12:21 - Supporting Card of the Year
1:15:11 - Overhyped Card of the Year
1:20:05 - Overperformer of the Year
1:21:57 - The Deck of the Year
1:25:53 - Most Hated Deck of the Year
1:27:52 - In Memoriam
1:32:36 - Magic Experience of the Year
1:37:13 - The Best WOTC Decision of the Year
1:40:01 - #mtgfinance of the Year
1:40:47 - Our 2022 Goals
1:46:13 - The Best Guest(s) of the Year and Thanks
1:48:40 - Closing out

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