Episode 172

Exploring the Streets of New Capenna


May 5th, 2022

1 hr 53 mins 4 secs

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About this Episode

Our three friends begin their visit to the Streets of New Capenna with some Explorer, Pioneer, and Modern decks. We take a look at Ob Nixilis, The Adversary and Stan's uncharacteristic BW Blink brew with Getaway Car and Extraction Specialist.

The Break Down: New Cards in Pio + Modern Challenges
The Dive Down: 20 Mostly Good Minutes on Mob Nixilis
Stuff We Forgot: We’ll Talk About Ledger Shredder Next Week, Ok?

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3:17 - Housekeeping
11:17 - The Break Down begins - The Pioneer Challenge!
32:09 - Pioneer Cool Decks, Inc
40:16 - The Modern Challenge!
47:05 - Modern Cool Decks, Inc
58:20 - Stan's Razor Digression
1:02:37 - The Dive Down begins - The decks of New Capenna
1:05:55 - Rakdos Midrange in Explorer
1:15:30 - Evaluating Ob Nixilis, the Adversary
1:32:38 - More thoughts on Explorer
1:40:45 - Stan's Pioneer experiments
1:51:15 - Closing out

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