Episode 26

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June 14th, 2019

1 hr 30 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

The Break Down: We talk about the London Mulligan and the first Modern Horizons MTGO Modern Challenge
The Dive Down: Modern Horizons Listener Questions!

03:08 - London Mulligan
09:18 - 6/8/19 Modern Challenge
12:09 - Modern Horizons cards show up
22:30 - Hogaak Bridgevine discussion
33:30 - The Dive Down begins
36:30 - Did Modern Horizons deliver?
47:01 - How will the meta shake out after MH1?
52:47 - Which tribe will see the most success?
56:48 - What would we play at the next large event?
1:04:52 - Which archetypes got the right push to be competitve?
1:08:40 - What's the most noticeable reprint that wasn't in MH1?
1:13:16 - Why so few reprints vs new cards?
1:15:06 - Fallen Shinobi?!
1:17:11 - Are graveyard engines accidental or on purpose?
1:20:45 - What new cycle of cards would you like to see in the next MH?

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