Episode 52

2019: A Real Year


December 13th, 2019

1 hr 47 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

The guys get together in a studio to indulge themselves with discussion of our favorite Dive Down (and Magic) moments of 2019.
The Break Down: We talk about what we have been playing and enjoying in Modern and Pioneer
The Dive Down: The best (and worst) of 2019

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1:52 - Housekeeping
3:33 - The Break Down: what we've been playing
34:15 - The Dive Down begins: our 2019
35:14 - Favorite episodes of the year
43:45 - Favorite Deck Dives of the year
47:01 - Worst and best card picks to click of the year
1:03:10 - Sleeve/Believe/Heave decks of the year
1:14:43 - Our cards of the year
1:21:16 - Our Magic experiences of the year
1:26:28 - The best new format of the year
1:30:03 - Our guests of the year
1:33:07 - Our worst takes of the year
1:39:22 - Was 2019 a good year for Magic?
1:44:34 - Signing off

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