Episode 181

The Synergies of Pioneer's Metagame, ft. Todd Anderson


July 7th, 2022

1 hr 26 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

Friend of the show and Pioneer aficionado Todd Anderson joins us this week to go over the top decks, up and comers, unsung heroes, and potential traps in the format. Mono-Green continues to reign supreme, but could Young Pyromancer put up a fight?

We also look into the Mono-Green vs Rakdos matchup, how well control is positioned, what happened to Lotus Field, and more! This episode is high flying, fast talking, and really in depth... try to keep up!

The Dive Down: Mono-Green Devotion
The Dive Down, cont: Izzet Pyromancer
The Dive Down, cont: The Other Ones

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2:13 - Housekeeping and a special announcement
7:31 - Hanging with the Todd Squad
19:02 - How does Pioneer function as a format?
25:13 - What's the best deck in the format?
30:50 - How do the best decks play against each other?
32:33 - What makes a strong Pioneer deck?
37:02 - What are underappreciated decks in Pio?
38:50 - Summer Fridays
42:25 - Thoughts on some other decks
46:45 - Preparing for a Pioneer RCQ
48:37 - Todd talks Izzet Pyromancer
55:29 - Are there any "trap" decks or cards, and why is Rakdos Midrange good?
1:02:24 - Is Mono-Green too good?
1:06:20 - Stan's Pioneer ban burns
1:12:51 - Revisiting Izzet Pyromancer
1:16:50 - Final verdict: How to approach a Pioneer RCQ
1:22:02 - Closing out with Todd

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Izzet Pyromancer: https://twitter.com/TandyMTG/status/1543230873222381568?s=20&t=fkQba52rNy8QU6XqKxl5MA

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