Episode 182

The Four Pillars of Modern (ft. Zach Allen)


July 14th, 2022

1 hr 44 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

The current top dog of the NRG Series leaderboard joins us to discuss all things Modern for all your RCQ preparation needs. Zach Allen returns for a conversation about the various types of 4C Yorion decks, the merits of Murktide's flex spots, the position of green creature combo decks, and his favorite ways to cascade right now.

Sure you can play the best deck when you try to take down your Modern RCQ, but what is the best deck REALLY? Turns out, there might be more than one... And when you least expect it, surprise, a maindeck Emrakul! Ready for another suprise? Boom, you just lost to burn on turn 4 before your Omnath could even do anything. Tune in to hear how you too can win (as long as you play a good deck or figure out what beats the good decks).

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7:05 — Housekeeping
8:58 — RCQs and what they are
11:04 — The Current Character of Modern
14:45 — An Overview: The Top 4 Decks of Modern
18:31 — Deck 1: Yorion Piles
38:28 — Deck 2: Cascade
49:04 — Deck 3: UR Ragavan Decks
1:05:08 — Deck 4: Yawgmoth
1:12:45 — The… Most Interesting… of the Rest
1:14:05 — Hammer Speculation
1:16:23 — UW Affinity Yorion/Urza Speculation
1:17:20 — Tameshi Combo
1:18:07 — Hammer Speculation, pt.2
1:22:40 — Creativity Speculation
1:23:47 — Amulet Titan
1:24:30 — Omnath Glimpse
1:26:01 — Last Thoughts on RCQs
1:27:38 — Can We Do This Unban Talk?
1:38:15 — Talking NRG
1:43:05 — Closing Out

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